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skank_designs's Journal

Icon/Graphic Journal of Icontastic17
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Welcome to skank_designs. My icon/Graphic journal for everyone to use. I love comments and any of that, so please leave comments if you happen to really like something. Most of my icons are based on movies, TV Shows and drama. So if you like reality TV or dramatic teen movies, you'll probably like my style. Thats why I named the community Skank_Designs, it's basically girly icons.
Rules Of The Community

-Always feel free to use my graphics, just credit me and you can take it

Thank You...

The community's layout stylesheet is made by appleleaf, thank you very much.
The header was made by icontastic17 (me)

I'd like to thank the following people for my designs in my artwork:
(Brushes, Textures, templates..)

spiritcoda ca_pris




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